Sunday, December 23, 2012

Headlines and the media

Have you noticed that we haven't heard much about the problems in Europe. That's because the media can only run with one market scare tactic at a time. Running with more than one isn't effective, as the populous can only focus on one at a time. When we try to focus on more than one, it isn't effective.

So we will dwell on the Fiscal If until it is no longer effective and then probably back to the Euro.

So I made a few moves here and there, but nothing dramatic. I've been hoping to take advantage of any sell off or tax loss selling, but haven't made any big moves. Over the past couple of weeks cashed in on BAC (big win), CSCO, and a little ARNA (big win). I still have exposure to CSCO and ARNA. I took a little NVTL (painful) off the table and added to my CLF and FCX.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

The fiscal -give me a break- cliff

I'm tired of hearing about this cliff that we are about to go over. The talking heads have to have something to talk about and something to strike fear in the hearts of retail investors. That's how they keep you tuned in. Anyway, I'm on the lookout for new investment opportunities, but the old ones are still good to go.

The next month or so should be interesting for ARNA, as we should start to hear from the DEA and the EU. I also think it is becoming apparent that Europe is not about to fall off their cliff either. The nearly 60 million shares short could be in trouble.

The market is still tricky right now, as there seems to be a potential negative headline around every corner. Assuming the #@*&! cliff doesn't blow up in our faces, I think the S&P makes a new high soon. Who knows where it goes from there. This fourth quarter should be interesting, as I believe our coal and ore stocks won't have the devastating news most short sellers have been predicting.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

What's new with the market

I've been away for a while and when I get back what do I see, the same old thing. The market moving up and down in no discernible direction. A few thoughts, I wonder how the VVUS backers feel now that the company is offering FREE trials? Have you noticed the short interest in ARNA is at an all time high, 61 million shares on 15 Nov. I guess they're in it until the end.

I'm hearing a lot about insider trading and people actually being accused of it. Throw them all in jail first and sort it out later.

The action in AAPL has been crazy. I noticed one day it traded to 518 before rebounding to almost 550. Something has to be done about that situation and it's effect on the NASDAQ.

I added some more INTC to my core portfolio under 20. Recall I lightened up a bit around 28 months ago. Other than that, I'm just sitting back trying not to pay too much attention to the every day drama and let the opportunities come to me when they will.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back and forth we go in the market

Another Friday and another dive in the market. So what else is new? I read an interesting article that some bank is being sued by the government for trading commodities just to affect change in other prices. I thought that sort of thing was legal, as it goes on every day. Anyway, what else.

Coal and ore stocks have had good news, with the exception of CLF and I think traders might be catching on that the bottom has been put in with those stocks. I think we stand to do quite well in that space over the next year, especially when you consider the short interest has been building in those stocks while they were at the bottom!

I hate to beat a dead horse, but look at VVUS. Reality has finally set in with that company. This should be an interesting week with FTR, JRCC, ARNA, and VVUS reporting.

Well, I'll be on vacation a while, but will try to get back this week and post after the four companies mentioned here report.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

A few observations

So this past Friday was pretty bad, but Fridays have been bad lately and this past Friday was an options expiration day. Big deal. If you need further proof that the market is crooked, then look at what continues to happen with VVUS. They got news that they probably won't get approved in Europe and the stock wasn't cut in half. In addition, we've seen no sales data yet, but bloggers and traders keep the shares propped up. It's like a case study in dubious market behavior. Oh well, at least we know and we aren't part of the clueless masses.

This market continues to confuse and interest me, as while the S&P is near it's high even with a questionable economy, resource stocks have yet to join the party. I wonder what happens if they take off. Does the S&P go to 1600? I'm still uncertain whether or not we have lift off on our coal and ore stocks. They're up nicely lately, but we'll see.

Although this is late, there's the matter of PCS and it's place in the MP, it was removed about 2 weeks ago at about 12 1/2. Actually a little higher. Right on the news/rumor that it was being bought. That's always the best option. Sale on that news right away and don't wait for traders to move it around in ways that make no sense. Sorry I haven't kept up with the MP moves, but it's just me these days and I get here as often as I can. So we've sold HIG and PCS from the MP for nice gains (I think that's it). Those gains should offset losses we've suffered in many of the other stocks!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

We are in the funk again

The market is doing that schizophrenic dance again, up down, up, down, for no real reason. That's when it's best to just sit back and relax. In case you hadn't notice, short interest in some of our stocks like ANR, ACI, FTR, and of course ARNA is sky high. I'm actually pretty encouraged because with all the continued shorting, these stocks have definitely bottomed and are showing signs of life. When this thing gets turned around, it's going to be a barn burner.

I've started to look into an old name, DNDN, trading down around 4.5 it looks like it could be a bargain. They've had trouble in the past, but they may be getting things turned around enough where a legit company might think about taking them out. More to come on that at a later date.

An update on NVTL. I'm still holding and still perplexed by how low this company trades. They've got about $425 million in sales, $50 million in cash, and a market cap of about 63 million. Crazy. Still looking at that situation.

The bargain shopper in me can't help but look at HPQ. That price is starting to look very enticing. I'll let you know when it looks delicious.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

What should we expect going forward in the market?

Who knows? I've been asking myself this question - is this the beginning of a beautiful thing, or a head fake? This market is very tricky. The world economic situation is uncertain, to say the least, but the S&P is high. Jobs are hard to come by and housing is still in the dump, yet the market has blown it off. Like I said, this new market of the last 10 years has little to do with fundamentals.

We've made good money on our coal and ore positions. To be fair, we have picked some dogs too. Our solar stocks are really in the dump. The slowdown in Europe and to a lesser extent, China, has really impacted solar, as Europe drove a lot of the demand. I've temporarily unloaded my SOL and put the money in ANR earlier this month. I'll buy SOL back sometime in Oct after my 30 day wash sale period, as I still believe it's a good buy down here.

As far as ARNA, what a job hedge funds and other speculators are doing on the stock. It's clear now they were wrong going with VVUS. VVUS got approved, but it's been a disaster since then. If ARNA had said they didn't believe they would get approval in Europe, the stock would have been cut in half, yet VVUS loses a couple of points. ARNA is a great long term buy and I'm still holding plenty. I would stay away from the options, as there is way too much manipulation happening there.

So, I'm holding on to my positions and riding out the volatility. Looking for some new names. Here's something to think about. The bears and shorts are beating the war drums. China has promised $150 bils and we got QE3. Eventually that money will start to find its way through the system and stocks highly correlated to the economy will attract more than their fair share of attention.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

A short note

Been preoccupied with other things for a while, but not much has changed anyway. Our coal and ore stocks have taken a beating lately, but we have time. the problems in Europe and the slow down in China have things on hold, but oddly enough, the S&P is at a 52 week high. This is a peculiar market. Guess I shouldn't be surprised, as regulators sold us out years ago, so fundamentals don't mean what they used to. Anyway, we find opportunities where and when we can. Oh yeah, I'm still holding ARNA!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

12 Aug market update

Well the shorts haven't given up on ARNA it seems, as the latest short interest crept up to 40 million and the stock price is down, but I'm really not concerned. This company is a winner. The big future loser is VVUS. I wonder how long it will be before the institutions realize their weight loss drug is not the champion they hoped it would be.

So FTR is alive. The stock has moved up nicely, but still has a ways to go. And yes, the shorts haven't given up there either, with about 230 million shares short.

Old man coal woke up and ACI, ANR, and JRCC have lifted off. Let's hope the rally continues.

There's a lot going on in the market now. It's odd that we still have alot of negative sentiment, but the S&P is at 1400. Also, short interest is extremely high. Let's hope the Chinese get their situation right because if they are able to get that big economic engine going, we might experience a rally to remember.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

A few thoughts on a few items

So the obesity wars continue. In case you weren't able to figure it out, ARNA won. I should remind you that I was never an OREX fan and while I always thought both ARNA and VVUS would both be approved, the VVUS story is a disaster.

I won't go in to all the details, as I don't feel like spending the time, but women have to get on the pill and be tested monthly for a 'bun in the oven', special certified mail order pharmacies, and the company itself said they plan a slow roll out using some sales force from some company. I expect big things from ARNA over the next year. Enough said.

So the drama in coal continues. I'm still a believer. Now we just need to light a match under the market with talk of a QE3. I say that because some people still think the fundamentals of supply and demand still dictate prices. I hate to break it to you, but that is only part of it. Our markets were sold to speculators about 10 years ago and they have more to say about the prices in capital markets than economics. Remember when oil was at $140 and fertilizer and coal and wheat and whatever else was through the roof. That had very little to do with supply and demand and everything to do with speculators running up prices. This will happen again.

By the way, CLF, VALE, and FCX look good and they have hefty dividends still in place. VALE seems like a pretty safe bet down here especially - possibly a good entry for the long run.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Expect 3 crazy weeks

Our coal companies, ACI, ANR, and JRCC are reporting over the next 3 weeks and we should get a better indication what there balance sheets look like and what demand looks like in the sector. I'm really curious to see what FTR has to say, as the shorts show no real signs of letting up. I do think we are one really good story away from that stock taking off. With a quarter billion shares short it's like pouring gas on the floor and then smoking.

Now to the big story, the VVUS and ARNA saga. Like most of my readers know, I sold my VVUS around 25 and put the proceeds into ARNA pre FDA decision. That turned out well. I also believe that the VVUS FDA decision won't be as positive as the ARNA decision. What I mean is there may be restrictions or a postponement which would be a disaster for VVUS and great for ARNA.

Stay tuned


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ARNA came through for us, but hold on

It ain't over. The stock is still severely undervalued and I can think of several reasons to hold on. More options expire on Friday 29 Jun and that is always a source of volatility. The institutions sold those options to retail investors just this month knowing most would expire worthless or for less than people paid. Next week the stock should move up again. Don't forget we have the Euro decision in the Fall. Expect good news. We have the VVUS decision and I believe it will most likely be approved, but with restrictions, as it is the least safest of the weight loss drugs out there, but that's where the institutions put their money - classic.

I would not use stops, as another raid is a possibility. Stay tuned, the saga continues...


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Count down to decision ARNA

So here we are waiting. I said about two years ago that I believed that one or both (ARNA or VVUS) would be approved. I'm banking more on ARNA, as it is the safest, a new drug, and more effective than the critics say. Also, just as I thought, the short interest on 15 Jun was huge, 45 million. That's why we got the crash on the Friday after, so they could cover and reverse their positions. Probably not much else to write about before the decision, but I'm heavily invested. The stock will be halted as usual, but I expect tricks when it begins to trade.


Monday, June 25, 2012

ARNA status update, 2 days and counting

Here we are, just a couple of days until the saga reaches it's pinnacle. We've been in it for over 2 years and I feel a little like my youngest child is leaving for college. They say the hype is bigger than any previous hype, but as usual, 'they' lie. It was this bad for DNDN - remember. They pulled similar tricks - remember. At the end of the day, DNDN went through the roof, but then couldn't deliver on the execution side.

I was really hoping to check the 15 Jun short interest, but it won't be out until after the close on Tuesday. Wouldn't you know it. I'm sure it was still high then.

According to ShortAnalytics, there was almost no shorting on Friday during the ARNA flash crash. As expected, it was covering and taking up new long positions. Oh well, expect no help from regulators. We're on our own. The stars are aligned. Wednesday/Thursday we march on the big city, torches and pitch forks in hand and demand our fair share (if we get approval!).


Saturday, June 23, 2012

ARNA: Glad they finally made their move, I'm not impressed

If you've followed PaperGains for a while, then you know what happened today in ARNA was expected. So what, the losers took 15% out of the stock that was under 2 just 6 months ago. This always happens with stocks that get this much hype and have this many shorts. This is one reason why I was curious about the new short interest as of 15 Jun. I think most of the 40 million shorts were still in there as of that date.

Don't believe the cover story about this SA article. Yes SA authors work for hedge funds, but this article didn't cause the drop in the stock. I watched it drop 5 minutes after the open like a rock. That wasn't retail, but professionals working together. I have a question. I thought stocks were to be halted if they fall 10% within 5 minutes. I'm a little fuzzy on the rule, but I thought it was all stocks now?

Take comfort in this. About 80,000 calls were purchased expiring in July with strikes between 7 and 17. If you add up all the puts expiring in July for all strikes, it doesn't even come to half of that. That says plenty. Shorts were able to hedge their positions by buying cheap calls, and they did get cheap for a few seconds. They were also able to take up new long positions in those calls and in the stock. About 25 million shares traded in about 5 minutes. Crazy. That's not retail. The number of options that traded in such a short amount of time at those low prices tells you it's professionals. Only they move that fast.

For those people who got stopped out, you should know better. Stops are for stocks like GE and VZ, not stocks like ARNA or DNDN. Our markets are no longer transparent or efficient. It's the new reality. Adapt and prosper, or buy bonds! Next week should be interesting.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One week and counting to decision ARNA

As expected, ARNA has taken off and I expect we will see more. I'm waiting to see the latest short interest numbers because judging from the price action around 10, there may still be alot of shorts which is crazy. I'm still holding and may buy some puts on Friday for a little insurance. I'm thinking about some 3s expiring in July. It's been a long wait, but we're coming down the home stretch.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Natural resources

I know everyone is down on natural resources - coal, metals, and ore, but being the contrarian I am, I can't help but start to pile in. ACI, ANR, JRCC, FCX, VALE, and CLF are the names I like. I know the first three are coal, but it's a good way to hedge. Also, the last three have nice dividends (that hopefully won't be cut!) They have earnings that easily cover the dividends.

I'm happy to buy now, creating a portfolio within my overall portfolio and wait this one out, as prices are so depressed the potential returns are huge. Also, the 2014 LEAPS on ACI and ANR look tempting.


Count down to decision ARNA

The next week and a half should be interesting. With options expiring on Friday and everything silent from the company and FDA, it looks promising. I really expect the stock to move up from here and I would be surprised if it didn't breach 10. I will try to post on the subject more often leading up to the big day.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

The latest news

So we're in full wait mode on ARNA and VVUS. The market is also in the dumps, again. The only good thing about being in the dumps is we get to buy some stocks at good prices.

Now here's what I've been doing the past couple of weeks. Buying more ACI, VALE, and ANR. Coal stocks and other natural resource stocks are priced like we're in a coal depression. I'll wait this one out. I also like some of the LEAPS, but I would proceed with caution when dealing in options.

Finally, I sold VVUS at about 24 1/2 this past week. Had to take the profits. Besides, I think ARNA is the better option at this point. One more bit of housekeeping, I sold half of my SOL and put it into some ACI and ANR. The situation with solar is going to take a while to sort out. Short sellers are relentless. You know one way to tell when speculators have over run a stock. On really bad down days in the market if a stock trades up or even for no reason, or if stocks in an entire industry do the same, that's the sign that speculators are being forced to cover the margin on their shorts because their long positions are being hit. It's happened often on FTR, SOL, NVTL, and many coal stocks. Time will right the situation in many stocks.

BTW, there's a reason most hedge funds lose over time, because they have no original ideas. They all do the same thing, time and time again.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Now what?

So VVUS and ARNA have done well for investors and the road looks clear. We're still keeping an eye on FTR and NVTL. We can wait, as the stocks are ridiculously cheap. Some of our other MP picks have stalled a bit, but that's a result of the market being firmly in the hands of traders at the moment. When things get sortted out in Europe and China kicks things in to gear, fundamentals will drive the market more.

I noticed ARNA on the Regsho list. So shorts haven't given up yet, which is crazy. At times like this, you have to ask yourself, are there easier places to make money and what is the risk adjusted expected return. Shorts in ARNA should be asking themselves that. Even an old name from a year ago, SQNM, is showing signs of life.

On the lookout for some other interesting stocks.


Monday, May 7, 2012

A couple of items, ARNA and FTR

The situation with FTR has reached a crazy point. The short selling is routinely around 50% of the volume, assuming shortanalytics is correct. I thought the quarter was a decent one and the stock was actually up early. The company needs to continue to expand their product offering and grow the business. It wouldn't hurt if they did something about all the shares outstanding. One thing is certain, the options have finally gotten cheap.I hope and think time will cure the situation.

The Advisory Committee briefing docs on ARNA will be out tomorrow (Tuesday). Be prepared for an assault on the stock, as no matter what it says, the talking heads will go to work with the negative spin. Until the FDA rules on this and VVUS, just expect the short side to continue with the usual tactics. We'll see how things go this week. I'm hoping for good news. By the way, in case you never leave the home or are visually impaired, about 1/3 of Americans are overweight or obese and by 2030 about 1/2 of Americans will be. If it takes a pill to help slow the pace, then let's get a pill or two on the market.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Which horror show is scarier, NVTL or FTR?

Novatel (NASDAQ: NVTL) had a very troubling day today, and Frontier (NASDAQ: FTR) has looked bad for weeks now. While FTR is under full attack by short sellers, NVTL is about as big a mystery as I've seen in some time. NVTL market cap is $68 million on a company with over $400 in sales, no real debt, sales growth in the deep double digits, and gross margins are actually improved. In addition, when you remove the goodwill item, which is a non cash item, then overall I'm pleased. I admit to being surprised at how long the stock has remained under pressure and at these depression lows. Granted, the company is not as well run as SWIR, but I have to believe at these levels it's worth buying. Yes, I doubled down.

As far as FTR, under $4 just looks real cheap. We know the shorts have gone after it with everything. It's one of the most shorted stocks on the NASDAQ behind INTC. The company reports next week and they better have good news, as we need to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel. I hope to hear more about how the non land line businesses are going. Management has come through in the past and I still believe the company will be around years from now, but without signs of progress, the shorts won't leave it alone.

Both stocks are looking pretty bad right now, but we're holding the course. If I thought they were going out of business or there was some big change in the competitive landscape up ahead, I'd be willing to throw in the towel, but even though the stock prices of both NVTL and FTR seem to be detached from fundamentals, I still believe this will pass.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another V-day around the corner

So we find out if VVUS gets over the ED hump soon. Drug approval looks promising, but the media has given this almost no airplay. If this first drug gets approved that sets the stage for the company to become a very large player in the drug business if they get approval for Qnexa. I'm guessing if both drugs are approved, they get bought. The stock has moved back up nicely and the shorts have to be nervous, as they have to survive two potential "yes" decisions.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Arena taking it on the chin

So as usual just before the news we get the stories casting a shadow over the stock. It's the same thing that happens over and over. Whether the drug is approved or not, I think it's pretty predictable. Don't forget, options expire Friday and the stock has been on a huge run up lately. Regulators talk about stopping the manipulation in the oil markets, but more importantly is stopping this sort of thing. They get the machines rolling to trade the thing round and round, then they get the stories going, and finally the real people get scared - mission accomplished. The news I read today was old news and the same old cautionary stuff you read in all 10Ks. I picked up a bit more and I expect the trend to reverse if not next week, then the following week. we'll see how it plays out.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A few thoughts on a few names

So we have to wait a while longer on VVUS, but ARNA goes before the Advisory Board in early May. I was really looking forward to seeing the shorts squirm waiting on the word on VVUS next week. We're patient investors, so we'll wait.

Looking at adding some more Arch Coal (NYSE: ACI) if we get more selling in the market. Analyst are starting to jump on the bandwagon. Recall, we bought some 2 or 3 weeks back (just too cheap to pass). Our favorite strategy here is buying into sectors that every hates because it's going through a downturn - easy money, as long as it's a sector that isn't going away. The coal sector has been beaten down with natural gas, but those two sectors aren't going anywhere.

Sold just a little INTC, but it is of course a core holding. Had to sell some at $28. Been holding since $14 and collecting that dividend. The strategy is to always lighten up when we feel it's rich and add when we feel it's cheap. We said about a month ago we expected a rally and we got it in March, but the market is looking shaky and May is due up. I wouldn't add any new positions now without a really good reason, but might look to lighten up a bit.


Monday, April 2, 2012

An idea for Frontier management

Here's a thought. FTR is the second most shorted stock on the NASDAQ and more and more hated by the day. You know you're hated when the Seeking Alpha writers write about you non stop. Most of them are basically tools for hedge funds and other speculators who lean short. FTR is an easy target now because of all the shares, 1 billion. Why not take some of that money you saved by cutting the dividend and buy back some of those shares

You're saving about $350 million per year now, the company's market cap is about $4 billion. Why not spend $1 billion over 3 years and buy back up to 25% of the shares. We would all benefit and the capital structure would be much improved (I won't go in to details).

I think companies need to start thinking strategically in terms of the stock market because like it or not, perception has a way of becoming reality. Companies need to think about ways of dealing with a market that's dominated by speculators, lies, and algorithms. It's a new reality


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Arena heating up

So Arena (NASDAQ: ARNA)is finally on the move. I'm not sure what took so long, as the advisory board meets in early May, I believe. Spring and early Summer should be interesting for VVUS and ARNA. I sorta kinda think the FDA may have an overall strategy for obesity. Maybe approve 2 or 3 drugs, I think 2 to give doctors a choice given neither drug is perfect for everyone given some of the publicized safety issues. We'll see.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Model Portfolio quick update

We sold Hartford (NYSE: HIG), so it's removed from the MP at $23. When companies (that have been around for 100+ years) start giving in to the demands of hedge fund managers, it's time to sell. So the guy bought the stock higher than it is today and he wants his money back, too bad. HIG may be suffering from weak leadership, so time to go. We made a nice profit on the stock, as we bought at $16.75 and sold $6.25 dollars later to the plus side. Recall we bought in September last year. That's about a 64% annual return, not including the dividend. We'll take it.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Market update

Forgive the absence, but vacations were well over due!

So we took the hit on FTR, we popped on VVUS. As far as the MP goes, we're up pretty good on some CSCO, HIG, FCX, PCS, and down pretty good on some, RENN/DANG, SOL/TSL, and of course FTR, and even on the others. Still need to summarize and start tracking. Remember, dividends will be a big part of our returns this time. Kind of surprised ARNA hasn't taken off yet after that 20-2 vote on VVUS.

Our pick up of BAC at 5 a few months back was a nice move and bought a little ACI at around 11.80, couldn't resist, as it looks cheap. May trade out of those at anytime. Don't trade, trading is bad.

Our core holdings have done quite well over the past few months. A lot better than I had expected. Recall our core holdings are BMY, VZ/FTR, GE, INTC, PBR. The market has been wishy/washy lately, but hopefully the direction will be known to us soon. I'd like to see a good run get started and believe we may get it.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Viva Vivus

Many thought the nail was in the VVUS coffin, but of course we said otherwise and we hope our readers benefitted. One more hurdle to jump for VVUS then tee up ARNA. To think, VVUS has their ED drug due up too. If both drugs get approved someone is going to make a hostel bid. Big pharma can't stand theses little companies running around with loaded weapons. From a sunny, very hot vacation destination looking forward to seeing the little Guy win one today.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

D-day for FTR

So many eyes will be on Frontier (FTR) after the market close on Thursday. No matter what happens I think a year from now the stock is higher. Of course the biggest question will be the dividend, then revenues. I would just love to hear a strong statement by the board about the dividend staying. Either way, I'm holding through the storm. I'd have to hear something pretty crazy not to hold, as FTR has become part of my core holdings. It won't be long now.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Frontier (NASDAQ: FTR) is keeping people up and night I'm sure. Here's the recent news, it took a beating the past couple of weeks, the talking heads keep saying dividend cut imminent, FTR is the 5th most shorted stock on the NASDAQ, volume has been through the ceiling, the company moved up it's earnings release, and I bought more.

Here's why I'm still a believer, even if the dividend were cut by a quarter, it would still yield about 12% down here, the board said about 30 days ago they are committed to paying the dividend, they're diversifying the business, when they digest the Verizon assets the financials will stabilize, this is all speculator driven and something we have to be willing to tolerate in today's market. That's why we have to be willing to hold a couple of years.

I don't think we're sitting on a bomb. I do think that much rests with the dividend decision, because when you're short, you have to pay that dividend and that's a lot to pay to keep the short on. I'm holding and have no problem sleeping, as it's part of the portfolio and not the whole thing, and because I believe the company will come through. BTW, it's usually a good sign when the company moves up the reporting date.


Friday, January 20, 2012

The fog may have lifted

Sorry for the absence. Looks like the sun wants to shine on the market again. Some of our MP losers have come to life. People realize solar isn't dead, but we've still got a suicide watch on Frontier (FTR) and Novatel (NVTL).

Our side bet on BofA (BAC) at around $5 has paid off, but we're not ready to sell yet. We still have to get our MP picks together in a table. One more note, look at Vivus (VVUS). More to come


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