Sunday, March 25, 2012

Arena heating up

So Arena (NASDAQ: ARNA)is finally on the move. I'm not sure what took so long, as the advisory board meets in early May, I believe. Spring and early Summer should be interesting for VVUS and ARNA. I sorta kinda think the FDA may have an overall strategy for obesity. Maybe approve 2 or 3 drugs, I think 2 to give doctors a choice given neither drug is perfect for everyone given some of the publicized safety issues. We'll see.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Model Portfolio quick update

We sold Hartford (NYSE: HIG), so it's removed from the MP at $23. When companies (that have been around for 100+ years) start giving in to the demands of hedge fund managers, it's time to sell. So the guy bought the stock higher than it is today and he wants his money back, too bad. HIG may be suffering from weak leadership, so time to go. We made a nice profit on the stock, as we bought at $16.75 and sold $6.25 dollars later to the plus side. Recall we bought in September last year. That's about a 64% annual return, not including the dividend. We'll take it.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Market update

Forgive the absence, but vacations were well over due!

So we took the hit on FTR, we popped on VVUS. As far as the MP goes, we're up pretty good on some CSCO, HIG, FCX, PCS, and down pretty good on some, RENN/DANG, SOL/TSL, and of course FTR, and even on the others. Still need to summarize and start tracking. Remember, dividends will be a big part of our returns this time. Kind of surprised ARNA hasn't taken off yet after that 20-2 vote on VVUS.

Our pick up of BAC at 5 a few months back was a nice move and bought a little ACI at around 11.80, couldn't resist, as it looks cheap. May trade out of those at anytime. Don't trade, trading is bad.

Our core holdings have done quite well over the past few months. A lot better than I had expected. Recall our core holdings are BMY, VZ/FTR, GE, INTC, PBR. The market has been wishy/washy lately, but hopefully the direction will be known to us soon. I'd like to see a good run get started and believe we may get it.


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