Sunday, December 23, 2012

Headlines and the media

Have you noticed that we haven't heard much about the problems in Europe. That's because the media can only run with one market scare tactic at a time. Running with more than one isn't effective, as the populous can only focus on one at a time. When we try to focus on more than one, it isn't effective.

So we will dwell on the Fiscal If until it is no longer effective and then probably back to the Euro.

So I made a few moves here and there, but nothing dramatic. I've been hoping to take advantage of any sell off or tax loss selling, but haven't made any big moves. Over the past couple of weeks cashed in on BAC (big win), CSCO, and a little ARNA (big win). I still have exposure to CSCO and ARNA. I took a little NVTL (painful) off the table and added to my CLF and FCX.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

The fiscal -give me a break- cliff

I'm tired of hearing about this cliff that we are about to go over. The talking heads have to have something to talk about and something to strike fear in the hearts of retail investors. That's how they keep you tuned in. Anyway, I'm on the lookout for new investment opportunities, but the old ones are still good to go.

The next month or so should be interesting for ARNA, as we should start to hear from the DEA and the EU. I also think it is becoming apparent that Europe is not about to fall off their cliff either. The nearly 60 million shares short could be in trouble.

The market is still tricky right now, as there seems to be a potential negative headline around every corner. Assuming the #@*&! cliff doesn't blow up in our faces, I think the S&P makes a new high soon. Who knows where it goes from there. This fourth quarter should be interesting, as I believe our coal and ore stocks won't have the devastating news most short sellers have been predicting.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

What's new with the market

I've been away for a while and when I get back what do I see, the same old thing. The market moving up and down in no discernible direction. A few thoughts, I wonder how the VVUS backers feel now that the company is offering FREE trials? Have you noticed the short interest in ARNA is at an all time high, 61 million shares on 15 Nov. I guess they're in it until the end.

I'm hearing a lot about insider trading and people actually being accused of it. Throw them all in jail first and sort it out later.

The action in AAPL has been crazy. I noticed one day it traded to 518 before rebounding to almost 550. Something has to be done about that situation and it's effect on the NASDAQ.

I added some more INTC to my core portfolio under 20. Recall I lightened up a bit around 28 months ago. Other than that, I'm just sitting back trying not to pay too much attention to the every day drama and let the opportunities come to me when they will.


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