Sunday, March 31, 2013

A few ideas

So, I've been absent for a while and I think it's both a busy schedule and when the market enters this area, I find it hard to find good content. I have to say first, that this market is in a strange area for the following reasons. Emerging markets are not trading at all time highs, except for SE Asia, interest rates are still on the floor, the job market still stinks, material stocks are getting killed, and apple is almost half of where it was, yet the S&P is at an all time high. An all time high!

I don't trust the market and I think the only thing keeping us up is the fact that the shorts have no story that sticks. Cyprus was week and the Euro story is too old. Let there be some political upheaval and some unexpected financial shock, and this market will show it's ugly side.

I'm hedging some and getting a little light on some things. Another thing, still waiting on ARNA. I tell you, the establishment really is against this company. All the while VVUS trades above 2 dollars while they give the product away.


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